About me

My name is Caroline. 46 years young.

I'm a selfemployed socialworker. A mother. A daughter, Ingaged to a very nice man.  A face Yogi. You get it....its very buissy.


I'm new in the yoga world. I did practice yoga before but it never lasted for more then a year.

I try to life healthy. Get enough sleep. eat normal, do some breathing, meditate a bit when i find the time.

So I try to life consiously but I never tought I would end-up teaching yoga.

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would have 2 company's (Socialwork sinds 2015 and in the Yoga buisness) in 2022 I wouldent have believed you.


I found Face Yoga on the internet when I was looking for a solutoin to lift my very tired, droopy old face. I also tried accupuncture but in the end I found the face yoga method and this had so much positive affects on my face, posture and lifestyle in such a small amount of time I knew this was the thing for me.


I allready knew that face exercises work. Ik life with my 80 year old mother and she has been doing her exercises for over 20 years and her skin looks great.  That's enoug efidence for me. But her exercises are not scientifically proven.

The classes I took from the Face Yoga method are scientifaclly proven.


Because I was going to do these exercises for the rest of my life anyway I made a living out of it. And I can help other people became their most beautifull selves. Ik like helping people. This is also why I'm a social worker in my day job.