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One Love


You know the Skeleton song? That the bones are connected? Well everything in your body is connected and the skin is the biggest organ connecting them all.

The foot is connected to the leg. The leg to the hip. The hip to the back. The back to the shoulders and neck. The neck to the scull. So a pain or asymmetry in, for example, your foot can show in your face.

In live your emotions are connected to your face.

Your soul is connected to your body.

Your emotions are connected to your body posture.

Everything in your body is connected.

All life on earth is connected.

Everything is connected in this Universe.


*************ONE LOVE **************

Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a 100% holistic and scientifically proven method to slowdown the aging process and to reduce and reverse the signs of aging.

Face Yoga was founded in Japan by a lovely lady after she had a car accident and was left with asymmetry in her body and face.


All the exercises are fun and easy to do and anybody can learn how to do it. This is why Face Yoga is taking the world by storm.


If you keep practicing you will see the results the rest of your life. It's just like the gym: If you want results you got to do the work. Put the love in yourself. But the extra work is fine because the results are so obvious.


It's 100% natural, holistic, healthy, effective, cheap and a fun way to take of yourself and age in a beautiful graceful manner.


One Love Face yoga is about connecting with yourself and loving yourself.


About me

I am a certified Face Yoga teacher of the Face Yoga Method (2021)


I started with Face Yoga in 2020 and now I want to help women and men to feel better about their appereance.

A few years ago I was looking for a way to get rid of the wrinkles in my face, tone the skin and look less tired.

I was looking for an natural way because it's importend to keep my body healthy and my energy levels up.

So when I found faceyoga it was a perfect fit. It is a very nice way of taking care of yourself.


Now I want to help others to be their best and most beautifull selfs.


One Love: We are one.

Namaste : I see your soul.

In Lack'ech:  You are another me.



Read more on the ABOUT ME page ;-)

The Magic of Face Yoga


Face Yoga is a scientifically  proven way to lift the skin and muscles of the face, take better care of your skin, inside and out, and make your face glow. I know ...Scientifical das not sound magical at all but the trick is that every bit of energy you put in to yourself you get back double when you see the results in the mirror.



ONE LOVE Face Yoga give's you the uppertiunity to lift your face in a Fun, Holistic,

Natural & Cheap way and keep it this way as long as you put some

time and energy in the proces.


Your face has 43 muscels.

If you use them in the wrong way it might give you wrinkles or asymmetry in your face.

With a few simple exercises a day you can have results within a week.

You will learn to consiously pay attention to your little daily habbits so you wont do those (unconsious) little movements anymore. You will notice that some of your muscles in your face have a life of their own. These muscles and movements create wrinkles ans asymmetry in the face and togheter we can fix this.   Face Yoga is here for everybody. You can start when your 80 or when you are 15 years old. Putting some positive energy into yourself is allways nice.


When you get a bit older, like me, gravity starts pulling everything down. This is 1 of the reasons I started with Face Yoga.

Face Yoga has several nice and easy exercises to lift the muscels and the skin back up. We are also going to improve the elasticity of the skin.


*In your body everthing is connected:

*Your skin and muscels are connected to your emotions.

*Your energy flow is connected to your body posture.

*Your breathing is making your blood flow.


Loving yourself is connecting with yourself. Connecting with ohter people. The world around you. The Universe.


ONE LOVE Face Yoga is about the feeling the Love and Magic you will feel when you put positive energy in yourself. You will feel the magic when you realise dat everything , inside and out, is connected. One Love.



   So lets do this.


We are one.